We're Blue Cottage Martial Arts Academy. We provide instruction in Taekwondo and Karate for the St. Louis Metro area. We are located right across the river from St. Louis in Belleville & New Baden, Illinois. Classes are taught by Sun Sang, Timothy Hellerich, a martial artist with over 25 years experience. Instruction is tailored to provide an all round balanced program of physical fitness, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, discipline and education of martial arts. The school offers authentic Taekwondo training, classes for children and adults, Black Belt instructor classes, tournament training, olympic sparring classes, practical self-defense, private lessons and much more. If you're looking to improve yourself, Blue Cottage Martial Arts Academy is the place to go. Our classes are challenging and conducted in a friendly family atmosphere. Whether you just want to learn self-defense and get in shape or have loftier aims, like Olympic dreams, our mission is to see you reach your goals!